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March 23, 2012
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(Contains: sexual themes)

Gerard's p.o.v.
I gently rubbed my red cheek. I was once again hit by my master. I was bought about a week ago after I was kidnapped by some random dude. I never wanted it and I wasn't making it any easier for my master, Frank, than it already was. But the truth is, I was near the point of giving up hope. Everything I did what he didn't like, he hit me. He had even let me live a 3 complete days without food and 1 day without any drink.
I sighed and looked around the room I have been in for the past week. It wasn't a big one but it had a very high ceiling, it had a bed and a closet with a vase on it, though there were no flowers in it. I didn't need a closet for my clothes since Frank had thrown mine away, he didn't allow me to walk with clothes. I walked around the room for a while, frustrated about being a kidnapped victim of abuse. We hadn't had sex yet but I was sure he wouldn't wait much longer for it.
I whimpered as I walked against the closet, first at the pain of the impact and then at the realization of the broken vase on the ground. He would kill me for this. I quickly took the 3 pieces, in which it had fallen, from the ground to see that, even though the vase didn't have a entrance before and there was nothing in or around it, it had something in it. I guessed the vase would just have been made around it. I put the vase back in its spot, hoping it would stay there without falling apart next time he came. I had the package that had fallen out in my hand but I hid it under my bed as soon as I heard the door open.
''I hope you learned not to do that again?'' I whimpered remembering the impact when he had hit me. He slowly walked up to me until he was right in my face. I had to look up, not that he was tall, he was pretty small, but something had caused my growth to stop when I was still small.
''Y-Yes master.'' He smiled the tiniest bit.
''Good. Now, I think you know why I bought you, it's time to get some action.'' I looked at his bare chest and his covered legs and swallowed with difficulty.
''Okay.'' I started to undo his trousers nervously and as soon as he was out of it I took his penis in my mouth. It was as soft as it could be but I just started sucking anyway. He soon hardened under my touch and he was moaning loudly when he was all hard and I was just sucking a bit harder. I wasn't enjoying this but I could tell he was, a lot. Eventually, with a swirl of my tongue over the tip of his member, he came right into my mouth. He made me swallow it and left.
''Good, I hope you be a nice slave more from now on.'' I silently cursed him after he closed the door behind him and carefully locked it.
I took the package from under my bed and looked at it. There were only a few symbols on it and I couldn't decipher them. I noticed a seal and broke it to find pills inside of it. I doubted at first but then again, what did I have to lose? Exactly nothing, I had become a pathetic slave. I took a pill out, and took my bottle of water. I put the pill in my mouth and swallowed it. There were only 10 pills in the package but I carefully hid it again, if I like the pills I might want to take another one and he would never let me.
The pills didn't have any effect it seemed and I fell asleep after a while.

I woke up next morning as I hit my head against the headboard of my bed. I just shrunk back at first before sitting up in confusion, my feet were at the bottom of the bed, I could feel the wood, and yet I managed to hit my head? How the hell? I quickly scanned my room and got up. It was the same room, same bed as well it seemed. I looked down at myself. It couldn't be, could it?
The answer came when the door opened and Frank stepped into the room. He looked at me in confusion as he walked over and I could look at him without glancing up now, I actually was looking down at him.
He seemed a bit insecure at first but it was soon replaced by, what must have looked like, a smirk.
''I see you've grown my little boy.'' He walked around me so he now was standing behind me and I felt him place his hands on my hips. He put pressure to them making me turn around and even before I was all the way turned he attacked my lips with his own. ''That's sexy.'' He added.
''Thank you, master.'' I kissed him back, enjoying it now. Why the hell did I enjoy this?
''I'll come back later. Be ready for me.'' He let his hand slide over my penis causing it to twitch. In other words he wanted me to be hard? He left and locked the door again. I returned to my bed and took out the pills. This time I studied them a little better, I still couldn't make out the symbols but I guessed these are what caused my sudden growth, I mean how can someone grow that much in one night? I took a pill out to try and see if I would grow again and swallowed it with help from the water on the ground. After that I heard a noise and I saw a plate with food being shoved through a little door in my door. I picked it up and ate it. After I was done with eating it I was very tired, was it the pill? And I went to sleep.
I woke up when I heard the door slam shut. I guess Frank had been out somewhere then. I soon remembered why I had fallen asleep and got up. I walked to the door and found out I was taller than it now, meaning I was at least 2.00 meter. I heard footsteps approaching and I remembered he wanted me hard. The image of him telling me and placing my hand on my penis was enough to do that, what the fuck was wrong with me? He fucking kidnapped me and he forms my hard-on. Well, at least he didn't have to hit me now. Not that I would mind though. Wait what? No, that's not what I want to think. I hated the man. My dick twitching when I heard the lock twist told me otherwise though. I quickly stepped aside when the door opened revealing my master in all his beautiful glory. No! go away stupid thoughts. He smirked when he saw me.
''Mmh, looks like my little one has grown even more. And I see he also listened to me.'' He stroke my penis once. I wondered if he knew about the pills, I mean, he didn't seem surprised at seeing me getting taller.
''How are you not surprised at my getting longer?'' I asked in a soft tone, he didn't like it when I spoke without permission. He didn't hit me or anything though. Too bad.
''Oh but I am surprised. I just like it.'' He turned around to face me. ''And now you should get to work.'' I wanted to protest, I really did. I didn't though, I dropped to my knees after undressing him and started sucking him. He stopped me soon enough though. I pouted. He took place on my bed, standing there and gestured for me to come over and bent down so my ass was facing him. I knew where he was going, and I liked it. sure enough I was right, and a few moments later I felt him press his dick against my entrance. I lowered just a little to make it more comfortable and he thrusted into me, all at once. My initial whimpers soon became moans when most of his thrusts hit my prostate. I came before he did and while he rode me until his orgasm came it hurt even more than it had at first. He panted on the bed for a while before getting his clothes on and leaving the room. I was left alone while his panting had gotten me another hard-on. Something in my mind told me I needed to take another pill before I got to work so I took my package and grabbed a pill from it, swallowing it quickly because my boner was getting seriously painful. As soon as I touched it I felt myself grow. It was the first time I felt it and I can tell you, it was the most amazing feeling I ever had. Except for cumming, but it drove me into my orgasm and beyond, when the growth spurt was over I was hard once again. I touched it again and this time I actually had to rub it. I moaned when the next growth went in and the process repeated itself until I came for the 5th time that day. I could also tell I had grown more from this pill than the last ones but I fell asleep immediately after that.
I woke up uncomfortably since I was nearly twice the size of my bed. I moaned at the simple realization. Gosh that felt so good. It soon would feel even better as I saw my master sitting on me, I guess he's the reason I woke up then.
''Hey Gerard. I see you've grown even more. I can tell you, your sexiness has increased as well as your size has. Oh how I would love to have a dick like yours in my hands. Oh, wait, I do.'' He stroke it and I moaned loudly. ''Mmh, your moans have also gotten louder. Have I gotten better at this?'' He stroke me once again causing me to grow fully hard and moan even louder. He smirked.
''I don't know master.'' I answered. He stood up and I felt his weight leaving my now massive body.
''Me neither. Maybe some more practice can solve that.'' He stood on my bed again but I was nearly twice as big as I was yesterday and we soon decided we better both be on the ground while I was on my knees. He thrust into me the first time and I didn't feel any pain as my ass was just too big for his penis to actually hurt me. I moaned again, both at the pleasure he could still give me and the realization of just how big I really was. I was freaking huge! And I loved every second of it. He kept thrusting into me harder and harder while the rhythm went faster as well. I moaned loudly every time he did.
''Oh, oh, aah, that was it, do it again. Hit it.. oooh.'' I was moaning continuously now and he went even faster, hitting my prostate most of the time. He came before me this time and while I felt his liquid seed filling me I still wasn't done. I brought my hand to my penis and began to stroke it. eventually I came and my cum covered a pretty big part of the ground. I panted and lay down on the ground, making sure I wasn't in my own cum. He lay down next to me, panting even more than I was.
''Oh, you're the best slave I've ever had you know that?'' I smirked.
''I do now.''
''Smartass.'' I smiled and he got up. He left the room. If growing is what he likes, growing is what I'll do. I liked it a lot myself anyway if you hadn't noticed yet. I took another pill which caused me to fall asleep immediately.
I woke up a few hours later when my food was being shoved in with a lot of noise. I sat up, not confused for once. Honestly, what is it with these pills and sleep? It's like they love each other. Like I loved Frank. I sighed and took my food, it was awfully few food for someone with a massive body like me but I didn't complain, at least I had food. I was done within seconds and the moment I shoved it out the door opened. Frank walked in. He took in my new height, which seemed to have doubled once more, and smirked.
''You're getting awfully big. I might have to get a bigger room if you keep growing at this pace.'' I smirked as well taking in his small body. Gosh, he was growing more beautiful by the hour it seemed. I didn't even mind loving him anymore. And he seemed to love me  back in all honesty.
''You might. I don't mind growing some more.'' I wasn't afraid of him anymore either. Not only because of my new size but also because he didn't seem to want to hit me anymore.
''Mmh. You should give me some nice sex then.'' I smirked and turned him. he was standing while I was on my knees, bent down almost all the way because that's the only way I could lever with him.
''If you don't mind, I like top better. By far.''
''You realize you're supposed to battle for that?'' I rolled my eyes, like he could win, and turned him around. I met with his lips and kissed them lovingly but the kiss grew more heated the moment I opened my mouth. His tongue slipped inside, searching mine for the battle. He finally found it and started the battle but every move I made was followed by him. we parted the kiss panting heavily.
''Fine, you be the dominant one then.'' I smirked some more turning him around. He whimpered in pain as I pressed, I was too big for him, but I continued anyway and didn't even wait for his permission to continue. It wasn't like it was going to make it better. The good part about me being too big for him was that I always hit his prostate and after the initial thrust he was moaning like a whore. I guess he didn't really mind being bottom then. I came into him and it seemed the feeling made him cum as well since he came immediately after I did. We lay down next to each other panting.
''I love you.'' It was out before I realized it and it took me a moment to realize that was my voice.
''I love you too my little slave.'' He laughed before climbing on top of me. I was so going to take the rest of the pills.
I'm a bad bad girl *blushes*
I'm sorry for traumatizing and corrupting your minds *blushed even more*
but I do hope you enjoy my sinful stories x3
xx Demi
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